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The Eight Biggest Mistakes Leaders Make - NKC Reflection

Here's my own personal reflection on the article by J. Lee Grady, put in the form of questions. It's like a pit stop moment!

1. Never treat people like projects.


- Do I have a personal relationship with those who serve alongside me?

- Do I still ask those who already serve to do more and more without regarding their wholesome wellbeing?

- Do I know their personal struggles and are endeavouring to help them move ahead?

- Do I know the state of their family or personal relationships?

- Do I talk about other matters apart from ministry (business talk?)

- Do I have a clear and intentional plan for their discipleship progress?

2. Never try to do everything yourself.


- Do I delegate (give people task to do but do not allow them autonomy to make decisions...and mistakes) or do I empower (give them power to make decisions, allow them enough room to make mistakes or to take those areas in directions that they sense from the Lord but still in alignment with overall vision of the church)?

- Do people mostly wait for instruction from me, even in the smallest of matters?

- Am I in meetings or consultations almost everyday of your week?

- Do the leaders around me have initiative or propose innovation as a norm?

3. Never focus on your critics.