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Thought For Your Day

End Times and End Game.

(1 Th 5:6-10, 2 Cor 5:17-20)

My friend, are you future-ready?

Jesus is coming again very soon! Perhaps TODAY!


There are three basic responses to the imminent return of Christ. There’s the “SO WHAT” response, the “SO HOW” response, and the “SO THAT” response.


1. The “SO WHAT” RESPONSE - The APATHETIC Christian!


The “So What” response is not a response of ignorance but of indifference.


It can be likened to a common response to the alarm clock. When the alarm clock rings, we switch it off and turn over to sleep. So nowadays, alarm clocks come with the SNOOZE button! It allows us to wake up SLOWLY.


A greater alarm clock is ringing. Christ is returning. Yes, we ought to wake up from spiritual slumber!

But too many wish to wake up slowly. And before they know it, they are caught in the stupor of apathy.


Theologian Wayne A. Grudem asked a searching question: “Do Christians in fact eagerly long for Christ's return?”

And Grudem gave this sobering counsel: “THE MORE Christians are caught up in enjoying the good things of this life, AND THE MORE they neglect genuine Christian fellowship and their relationship with Christ, THE LESS they will long for his return” (emphasis mine).

About one-fourth of the entire Bible is prophecy, and about 90 per cent of all prophecy is geared for “the End Time”. Yet many Christians in the global Church are ambivalent t