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The Life Of Jesus - The Series, Episode 8 , featuring Christopher Plummer, Henry Ian Cusick and Stuart Bunce.

Jesus is taken to Golgotha to be crucified. Does his life and legacy end here?

This is a fresh release of the Gospel of John: The Visual Bible and is a word-for-word masterpiece depicting all the drama of Christ's life---from his powerful teachings and miracle-filled ministry to his death and resurrection.

Director: Philip Saville
Starring: Christopher Plummer, Henry Ian Cusick, Stuart Bunce, Daniel Kash, Stephen Russell, Alan Van Sprang, Richard Lintern, Scott Handy, Lynsey Baxter

Christopher Plummer as The Narrator
Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus of Nazareth
Stuart Bunce as John
Daniel Kash as Simon Peter
Stephen Russell as Pontius Pilate
Alan Van Sprang as Judas Iscariot
Diana Berriman as Mary, mother of Jesus
Richard Lintern as Leading Pharisee
Scott Handy as John the Baptist
Lynsey Baxter as Mary Magdalene
Diego Matamoros as Nicodemus
Nancy Palk as Samaritan Woman
Elliot Levey as Nathanael
Andrew Pifko as Philip
Cedric Smith as Caiaphas
Tristan Gemmill as Andrew
Stuart Fox as Blind Man
David Meyer as Lame Man
Nicolas Van Burek as Young Levite
William Pappas as Elderly Levite
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