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Puq Ayam + Doa 'Bapa Kami' oleh Malaysian Worship Collective

Puq Ayam is an expression of love spoken by Kelabit elders over their children, grandchildren or great grandchildren, accompanied by the gentle gesture of stroking their heads or shoulders. This expression is especially used when the younger ones have been away for a long time.

As we thought about this in relation to The Lord’s Prayer, it brought a fresh revelation to us that when we pray, we are not trying to reach an Almighty God who is far away from us. In fact, we are simply responding to our Heavenly Father who takes great delight in us and rejoices over us with singing (Zephaniah 3:17).

We hope that you will be blessed by Puq Ayam + Doa ‘Bapa Kami’.


Written by Hezekiah Asim

© 2016 Hezekiah Asim

DOA 'BAPA KAMI' Written by Juwita Suwito Lyrics from Alkitab Versi Borneo © 2015 Borneo Sabda Limited © 2020 Four Forty Records

Executive Producer: Gina Yap Lai Yoong Producer: Juwita Suwito Sape: Anderson Kalang Bass: Icco Elnoel Pads & Piano: Alena Tan Percussive Instruments: Alena Tan & Elisha Tiga Acoustic Guitar: Elisha Tiga Electric Guitar: Marcus Leong Vocals: Juwita Suwito Recording Engineer (Vocals): Keith Yong Mixing Engineer: Elisha Tiga Illustrations & Lyric Video: Gina Yap Lai Yoong ℗ 2020 Four Forty Records The Malaysian Worship Collective seeks to light up Malaysia with heart songs of the land. We also resource online conferences and events with skillful yet anointed and uniquely-Malaysian worship teams.

Do contact us at if you would like to use this song and/or video in your ministry. #MYWorshipCollective#LoveMalaysia#MalaysianMusic

Lyrics (from Matius 6:9-13 AVB) "Ya Bapa kami yang di syurga, Sucilah Nama-Mu. Datanglah kerajaan-Mu. Terlaksanalah kehendak-Mu di bumi sebagaimana di syurga. Berilah kami makanan untuk hari ini. Ampunkanlah kesalahan kami sebagaimana kami mengampuni mereka yang bersalah terhadap kami. Janganlah biarkan kami tergoda, tetapi selamatkanlah kami daripada yang jahat. Engkaulah yang empunya kerajaan, kekuasaan dan kemuliaan selama-lamanya. Amin."


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